Providing intelligent solutions since 1987

PRODIST TECHNOLOGIES is specialized in designing and implementing security solutions for businesses. We are also expert in cryptographic hardware  (e.g. HSM).

Our consulting services start with an evaluation of the company´s adversities and its computational environment. After mapping the situation we architect, develop and implement solutions that combine technological innovation with full integration services.

We also offer specialized support and cryptography training.

Exclusive and tailored solutions

SECURITY QUICK CODE is an exclusive service for personalized development of components and security systems. By utilizing our expertise, your company has access to sophisticated codes in the most diverse segments of cyber security.

There are multiple possibilities, ranging from fixing a bug to developing a special program. Cryptography, digital signature, authentication, authorization, key management, USB tokens, HSM, non-repudiation, and secure information transfer are some of our competencies at your disposal.

Our team is specialist in PKCS # 11 and has extensive experience in the development of security components, services and products. We are proud to have a secure software development process and strict quality control:


  • Conception > Development > Homologation > Feedback
  • Alpha, beta quality, release-candidate and production


  • Internal short cycles
  • Frequent internal deliveries
  • Test driven development

SECURITY QUICK CODE helps our customers integrate devices and quickly implement specific security features in their systems, without the need of assembling a specialized team for this purpose.

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