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  Instant Payments – PIX

PIX from BACEN is a service that transfers funds instantly and securely, 24/7. Transactions do not require any intermediaries. PIX offers a financial settlement platform (SPI) and an account directory for addressing payments (DICT).

All transactions must be protected according to the specifications of the BACENC PIX Security Manual v2.0. In order to meet them, PRODIST TECHNOLOGIES has incorporated new functionalities to STS RSFN CLUSTER:

  • TLS
  • SPI and DICT Cryptographic Operations
  • XMLDSig and Validation
  • JSON Object Signing and Encryption
  • Optional use of HSM for storing private keys and speeding up cryptographic operations
  • for software and HSM.


STS-RSFN is our base platform for RSFN solutions. It fully implements the specifications of the Manual of BACEN (SPB) and CIP Security Technical Group.

The standard security protocol of the National Financial System Network (RSFN) is a unique protocol, specified by BACEN Technical Security Group in 2001. Its use is mandatory for the protection of data traveling over private networks of the Brazilian financial market.

It is also necessary to meet security requirements to participate in important systems at RSFN and the Interbank Payment Chamber (CIP), via Telecommunications Network for the Financial Market (RTM).

PRODIST has a formal software development process with its own agile methodology, offering easy integration with multiple operating platforms.

The STS-RSFN product line meets the needs of all size companies. It is in use in more than 40 financial market institutions, standing out for being the solution that processes the highest volume of transactions in the Brazilian Payment System (SPB). Our software process thousands of transactions per second and millions of RSFN transactions per day, handling several billion dollars.

STS-RSFN CLUSTER is a cryptography framework that acts as an independent layer for processing all tasks related to the security of the packages and files of BACEN and CIP various

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STS-RSFN VIRTUAL APPLIANCE is a virtual machine (VM), with closed operating system, for companies that want to add functionalities of RSFN protocol, but do not want to worry about creating scripts and other management mechanisms such as file collection and process launching…

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