CONCIERGE VIRTUAL APPLIANCE is a system to capture, store and manage digital certificates in virtual machines. Its database has the function of being the central repository of the institution’s digital certificates.

It is distributed as a VM (virtual machine) and has a web interface with easy access via browser. Operators use it from their desktops, without having to worry about installing any software.


  • Digital certificate life-cycle management
  • Possibility to compare certificates against certificate policies, at any time
  • Categorize certificates using tags
  • Make database structured queries from the certificate properties
  • Extract query reports
  • Save queries with search patterns for future use
  • Schedule alerts triggers and certificate export triggers
  • Send email alerts, for instance, about certificates close to their expiration dates
  • Certificates can be imported by uploading them or putting them in an Appliance monitored folder. They can be imported individually or from a grouping file (PKCS#7, JKS, PFX)
  • Certificates can also be imported by a port scanning process. You can specify a range of ports and IP addresses.
  • Certificates can be exported on PKCS#7 format


CONCIERGE VIRTUAL APPLIANCE is a virtual machine, distributed as a VM produced and quality-assured for VMware ESXi 6 or later.

Consult us for other virtualization platforms


  • Processor x(64) 02 cores
  • 02 GB RAM
  • 50 GB disk space