AUTOEXEC is a sophisticated software that allows applications integration, using exclusively the file system, without APIs.

In corporations we find multiple systems running, each of them handling information in their particular way. They may be even developed in different platforms and utilize various programming languages.

The need to integrate systems that have been developed without the perspective of integration is not unusual. But it is certainly a challenge, since it requires a deep understanding of the goals and technicalities of each application.

AUTOEXEC is a process automation software that uses files as an integration mechanism between applications. It is a system reactive to the presence of files in monitored folders. When the software finds specific files, it starts processes that use the files as an input source.

Applications integration became an easy task with the use of our software. By utilizing simple data files – natural to all operating systems – as an integration mechanism, AUTOEXEC provides a simple and efficient solution to divergent applications.


1. The system has a COLLECTOR mechanism and a DISPATCHER mechanism. AUTOEXEC acts like a robot, monitoring input folders in search of files to process.

2. As files are detected in monitored folders, the COLLECTOR moves them to a temporary repository, where they wait for execution availability.

3. The DISPATCHER works as a task scheduler.


Any application (or script) invoked by command line, in which an input file can be informed as a parameter for execution, can be registered as an AUTOEXEC process.


  • Monitoring input folders
  • Collecting files from the input folders
  • Process scheduling (jobs) according with availability
  • Process execution providing collected files as input_files


  • System reacts to the presence of files in monitored folders
  • Applications integration without APIs
  • Fast and easy integration of heterogeneous systems
  • Great variety of platforms supported

AUTOEXEC supports virtual machine


  • Windows Server x64
  • Linux x64
  • Oracle Java 8


  • Intel Processor x64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 512 MB HD