Over 30 years of experience developing secure solutions for critical systems

PRODIST TECHNOLOGIES is specialized in designing and implementing security solutions for businesses. Founded in 1987, the company has been a reference in Brazil, providing solutions to a wide range of financial institutions and software companies.

Our strong technical expertise allows us to design and architect sophisticated systems using technologies that include cryptography, digital signing, authentication, authorization, automation, cryptographic tokens, Hardware Security Module (HSM), digital certificates and crypto key management.

We pride ourselves on providing high-performance solutions to the major clearings in the Brazilian market. Our product line PRODIST STS is utilized in over 40 financial institutions across the country. Today, our solutions are responsible for the processing of the highest volume of Brazilian Payments Systems (SPB) transactions. They represent millions of transactions per day, operating billions of dollars.

Tradition, reliability and technological innovation, reflected in a 99.96% SLA.